Sixty Eight: Sunny Side Up

“The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining.”  – John F. Kennedy

Oh Viruses, how many hours we’ve spent together this winter. Snuggling in bed and sprawled out on the bathroom floor together. Yes, I think I’ve had enough time with you for now.

So when the sun starts shining again and I have a shred of energy, I’m going to leap into action. Action for me means action for my kid who is home with me during the day. We walked to a park and found several other parent-and-kid pairs who were of the same mind. Let’s get some yaya’s out!

I have found that people in my city are so much more friendly and receptive to connection on a sunny day. There’s a “It’s okay. We can talk and mingle. See, we are getting vital sun time in together” in the air. The blanket of Seasonal Depression is lifted, that is, at least until the next stretch of rain comes along.

Being on the brink of 40 means that I push myself to be more social, and to show my children that we can make a new friend almost anywhere if we try.

How does a sunny day inspire you?


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