Sixty Two: Get ‘Er Done

“I was obliged to be industrious. Whoever is equally industrious will succeed equally well.” – Johann Sebastian Bach

I didn’t write a sonata or a concerto on Monday, but I did get a motherlode of work done. And hoy howdy, it felt good. Sometimes it’s nice for my Monday to feel like a “remember when you were a slave to the work schedule” sort of day, for old times sake. I was at home, but in between constructing train sets and cutting up celery sticks I was also putting in calls for wood chip deliveries and writing grants for a school garden project.

I saw a cartoon the other day with a triangle’s three points labeled: sanity, children, and clean house….followed by “Pick two.” It’s true. It’s difficult to maintain all three departments at the same time. And so utterly vital for me to shake out of it and remember that my children are not departments at all. They are people. They get lonely and crave attention, just like me. They are playful and unreasonable, just like me. They are not to be maintained, but encouraged and loved for the brilliant and sensitive little people they are. (Heh, just like me.)

So I will keep my high-fives for a productive day to myself and to this blog. My kids don’t care about wood chips, unless I plan to take them to a pile to jump in it.

How are you doing with balancing the different aspects of your life?



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