Fifty Seven: Slow News Day aka List #1

“It’s amazing that the amount of news that happens in the world every day always just exactly fits the newspaper.”  – Jerry Seinfeld

Today was a slow news day. I walked a long way. I tried to get a free kitchen compost bin, but the only ones left didn’t have lids. I ate two disgusting marshmallow treats because I found them 75% off at Walgreens. You get the point. So I’m treating you all to my very first list on the blog.

The Top 40 Things to Do Before You Turn 40

  1. Dance on the corner as you wait for the bus, or groove down the street as you walk to work.
  2. Cook a meal at a homeless shelter.
  3. Save up your money for a trip of a lifetime.
  4. Take that trip of a lifetime.
  5. Take a class to learn how to do something new and totally out of character for you.
  6. Carry out a random act of kindness. It’s nice if this is done more than once in your life, so make your first act special so you’ll want to do it again and again.
  7. Hold a brand new baby.
  8. Forgive someone from your past you’ve had a falling out with. That doesn’t mean you necessarily have to communicate with this person. Let the past go and move on.
  9. Do a Polar Bear Swim!
  10. Spend time with an elder, be it a relative or someone else. Glean their knowledge.
  11. Dance on the speakers.
  12. Plan an amazing party…for someone else.
  13. Send a note, email, or leave a voicemail for someone you are thankful.
  14. Go on a blind date.
  15. Spend too much money on a concert/theatre/show ticket that will dazzle you for years to come.
  16.  Learn more about the faith of a neighbor that is different than your own beliefs. Better yet, ask your neighbor with an open mind and hear to teach you more about his or her beliefs.
  17. Do one of those fundraising races where you dress up in a ridiculous outfit.
  18. Sing karaoke. Find the song that unleashes your inner “American Idol”.
  19. Dance like Napoleon Dynamite. Start with your living room and move into more public places if you dare. If you need a little refresher, click here
  20. Follow this, if you dare, by busting out a David Brent dance at the office work party. Video here.
  21. Read an 800+ page book.
  22. Teach someone else to read.
  23. Support your local library.
  24. Call/write a commendation for a service representative who provided you great service.
  25. Find a personal sacred place. Protect it.
  26. Climb a tree as proficiently and joyfully as you did when you were a kid.
  27. Learn how to greet a refugee or an immigrant in his/her mother tongue. Say hello!
  28. Cultivate and enjoy a healthy fulfilling sex life.
  29. Spend time on conscious breathing.
  30. Embrace and love the fact that we humans do things differently, speak different truths, and walk different paths.
  31. Plant a garden – in your yard, on your balcony, or in your window sill. Share the bounty.
  32. Make art. Chalk drawings. Oil paintings. Collage. Embroidery. Cake decorating. Whatever fires your artistic passions.
  33. Learn to actively listen. Practice. And then listen to others.
  34. Loosen up.
  35. Have the courage to practice something you love every day.
  36. Find ways to share your gratitude.
  37. Volunteer.
  38. Stand up in a tense moment for a cause/idea/person you believe in.
  39. Regardless of how modest you may be, find a way to express your inner beauty.
  40. Discover the book that is written inside of you – the story of your life. It is yours. Live that life with gusto and love, not what some random blogger suggests on a “40 Things…” list.


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