Fifty Six: The Return

“There is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to find the ways in which you yourself have altered.”  – Nelson Mandela

This was my daughter’s second day back to school after a winter break. She is sensitive to transitions, so I expected that this return would take a toll on her. Surprisingly, she has been all smiles.

There was something distinctly different about her behavior over this past week. She was constantly hugging me and telling me how awesome I am. I won’t lie, she and I have our own fair share of butting head moments, but over this week we synched up and moved through our days holding hands.

It has changed the vibe in our household. My daughter wakes up and gives her little brother a hug. They both crawl into bed with me and snuggle up for a morning chat. We operate under the assumption that we are all imperfect beings in this home, and we love and forgive and move on. This modus operandi depends on a certain level of conflict and chaos, something which our home has been void of for the last few days. Perhaps my daughter is coming to a new emotional plateau, and acclimatizing to it.

Whatever it is, it is sweet and lovely. I am trying to construct my comments and conversation with her to be sincere but devoid of praise so she knows that I am most accepting of her effort. And while I over-analyze her emotions, I see that her arms are a little bit longer and her legs a little bit lankier.

She is growing up before my eyes.

What can you offer gratitude for at this very moment?


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