Forty Nine: Indecision

“Indecision may or may not be my problem.”  – Jimmy Buffett

Sometimes my will is nothing more than one of those flimsy paper fish toys that are used to tell fortunes. It curls one way and a decision is made, but a second later the wind causes it to curl the opposite way and the course of the day changes entirely.

I planned a play date with a friend and her daughter whom my kids and I had not seen one-on-one for quite some time. We had been talking about crossing town to go to a large park, and then mutually decided to stick to a park closer to home. It was raining, but we were brave and perhaps foolish so I donned the kids in rain gear and ambition and we set out for an adventure. But before too long had passed, I was suggesting we stick to an indoor location. But the outdoors was calling. So let’s go back outside! Goodness – we changed our plans at least half a dozen times. In the last act, my friend had to commute by bus to where her husband had left the car. At what point do I finally get the message to simplify things?

I was almost to the bridge that would take me to our rendezvous point and I pulled over to call my friend. She was standing in the pouring rain with her five-year-old, and I made a snap decision to drive to her neighborhood and we’d play indoors. We drank tea and snacked on fruit and nuts in her messy house while the rain continued to come down, and it was perfect!

Indecision can bring the opportunity to weigh options carefully, but it can also land you soaking wet on a street corner waiting for the bus…

Do you make concrete decisions without hesitation or do you waffle?


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