Forty Five: Calendar Dysphoria


“I don’t wait for the calendar to figure out when I should live life.”  – Gene Simmons

It’s Sunday and I am writing my post for last Friday. I had to count off days on the calendar to figure out what day post #45 landed me on. Yikes! Keeping up a daily blog is tough.

I would have rather kept up with my daily entries and recapped where my mind was actually at on those days, but I’m still trying to get everything back on track after our family illnesses. In the process, I missed three of my Seven workouts; these workouts were a way of getting bare minimum of exercise to keep me motivated. When I got a message that said something like “Nice try. Guess it didn’t work out” then I felt like a chump. I’m feeling fine enough to exercise, but just not very motivated, so I ponied up the $2.99 to restore my status on the app’s tracking calendar and did my seven minutes of exercise.

I realized how much I had mechanized my goal of improving my health. There’s something incredibly lame to me to depend on my phone for reminders and motivating factors, but it is what it is. I am incredibly miserly about spending money on things like apps, so spending that $2.99 might be enough to keep me on track until I meet my goal. I’d like to think that I’d be able to just wake up and have the resolve to get moving, but I am stubborn and I think it will take more than that to form this new habit.

Do you ever feel like a slave to the calendar or watch? How do you change this?


Altered photos from Flickr Creative Commons: “Perpetual Calendar” by Kio Stark and personal photo.

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