Sixteen: Oil Pulling


“As much as 50% of the reversal of cancer is in the mouth.”  -Burton Goldberg

I realized just how prevalent cancer is in my family after discussing my medical history with my doctor (featured in my post “TCB“). I have enjoyed a vegetarian diet for the last seven years, but I know there are more cancer-preventative measures I could adopt into my life. I came across the practice of “Oil Pulling” for the first time about a week ago, and this could be doable in my life.  I got an “I’m swishing!” text from a friend whom I’d referred the practice to, so I knew it was time for me to try it too.

The Ayurvedic practice has traditionally been done using sesame oil, but most people these days seem to use coconut oil. I had a jar in my pantry, so I softened a Tbsp and started to swish. It wasn’t as challenging as I expected, but I had also set up my three-year-old with an activity so I didn’t need to take a break to talk. The oil started to feel heavier as I swished, and I found it easiest to clean while I swished so I just didn’t think about it all that much. I reached the 17 minute mark in no time. Is this a miracle cure? I didn’t feel anything dramatic in the first few minutes, but within a half an hour I realized my mouth felt really smooth and clean. My breath was nice and this feeling has lasted throughout the day, even after a cup of coffee (which is a surefire route to bad breath for me.)

I will keep posting on my observations in the “Comments” section as I continue to pull.

Do you embrace traditional healing techniques? If so, which ones?


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