Thirteen: The Unglamorous Life


“My idea of housework is to sweep the room with a glance.”  – Erma Bombeck

I came across a quote one day that said, “Ecstasy before laundry.” The sentiment’s great, but who reaches nirvana when she is wearing a rank-smelling outfit covered with stains?

Monday is my default cleaning day. It’s nice to kick off the week by crossing off some errands from my to-do list. Since I’ve downloaded the Nexercise app, I can even log my housecleaning as exercise. Hey, that just encourages me to put on a playlist with high BPMs and rock out while I’m making the bed and folding laundry. I’m the sort of person who likes to eat her least favorite food on the plate first so I’m left savoring the tastiest at the end of the meal. So if I can get headway on cleaning at the beginning of the week then I feel no guilt about adventuring for the other six days.

The only trouble is that I’m not necessarily the most effective cleaner. I am too sentimental and will get distracted looking at the photo albums I mean to be dusting. The key to me is to have multiple systems of organization. I am a notorious piler-upper, and leave stacks of books, papers, and laundry when there is no home to return them to. I love to organize, but I loathe cleaning. Fortunately my partner is the opposite, so it all works out. I’ve adopted a policy of not taking in high-maintenance items (like clothes that require drycleaning or finicky orchids). Well, a couple of orchids have snuck in the house and I’ve killed almost every one. Those lovely wool sweaters always end up fitting my daughter’s doll.

It’s enough for me to balance the needs of high needs people in my household. Maybe I sacrifice a level of fashion and decorum that I had at other stages in my life, but to me, it’s fine to get by wearing cotton and denim. I like to edit things, so if I can get the free time to clutter-bust then I know there is a greater peace of mind for me and my brood.



Altered image from Flickr Creative Commons, Laundry by H.A.M.


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