Ten: Chances Are


“Winning is a habit.” – Vince Lombardi

There’s a good reason Rhonda Byrne’s book became a best seller. “The Secret” tells us that happiness, health, and wealth are at our beckon if we ask for it. Anyone can reap the benefit of this law of attraction. Sounds pretty promising, eh? I’m starting to feel like there might be something to it.

I have a bit of a sweepstakes habit. It seems to run alongside a minor couponing habit. I wouldn’t say that I’ve earned an “extreme” rank of either, but if I see a contest I’ll enter it. I’ll litter my Pinterest boards with Pin-to-win contests and drop a business card in that big jar to win a free lunch. Still, the last time I remember actually winning something was an oversized George Michael t-shirt when I was 15.

I am not averse to working hard to get the things that I want in life, but to me entering contests is a whimsical and harmless way of playing a hand with luck, chance, or a blessing. Recently, I started to bar contesting to things that I really wouldn’t mind using within the limited confines of my home. I did another cull of what I already owned and passed along   items no longer serving me. A mom-to-be received my co-sleeper crib. I donated toiletries, books, magazines, and movies to the new permanent housing in my neighborhood (for people who had been homeless with chronic substance abuse issues and/or mental health issues).   There was a cleaner flow of things coming in and going out of my front door.

Then I won a set of whiteboards with erasable markers from a local parenting magazine. Last night, I won a $25 gift card. Woohoo! I like to think that it is a currency paid in exchange for my acts of goodwill and volunteerism, and attracting it to my life.

Do you play games of chance?



Altered photo from Flickr Creative Commons by Sam Howzit

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