One: Me and Us


“Ideas can be life changing. Sometimes all you need to open the door is just one more good idea.” – Jim Rohn

One is intriguing. It is the only number which indicates an entirety or singularity, or selfishness and togetherness depending on the usage. It is the start of something new. It is what we return to.

Today it is all those things. I woke up early and started an early morning workout (my Seven routine) to get my muscles moving after last night’s New Year’s Eve dance party. After savoring the quiet of the morning, I woke up my husband and two children so we could venture down to the Puget Sound to witness the Polar Bear Plunge. A couple of neighbors were already building a fire to heat up the rest of us. I found my other swim-hungry neighbors huddled together looking over the water towards a curious little otter who was dining on a rather sizable fish.

He wasn’t distracted from his goal of finishing his one-course meal, but he was also interested in what we were up to. So when we stripped down to swimsuits and trunks, he took his fish out into the water and watched us from afar. The otter’s playfulness inspired me to hold the hand of a neighbor and run into the chilly waters. When we broke formation, I had the choice to either wade into the water or dive under. DIVE UNDER! I found that if you go in once, then you might as well go in three times. This was my inaugeral plunge and I’m glad I made it more memorable.

The wade was only half the fun, followed by fireside chats. I had fulfilled something I had always been fearful of doing with the help of my friends.

What is your fear holding you back from doing?


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