Why I’m Here


That’s the big question, right? And I, along with the predictable masses find myself revisiting this in a big way on a milestone birthday year. Have I made a good a good use of my time here, and more importantly Am I carpeing the diem right now?

I am not a fitness guru or a life coach. I fall in the “inspired ideas person who sometimes fails to follow through”. I want to look into the past and blame my parents for not putting me in karate classes which will clearly explain my lack of discipline. I may be like a toddler with Legos when it comes to sticking with things, but isn’t that alright as long as I don’t eat the blocks or flush them down the toilet?

But here’s the thing: I know I can do this. One year of delicious living. I want to join the ranks of people who think that one year of doing anything makes them an expert or authority, or at least validates the selfish notion that blogging about it regularly warrants taking up anyone else’s time to read it. I don’t have a bucket list or a slew of resolutions, but a few ideas on how I want to start out.

I will accept more invitations to participate. I will invite nourishing food into my life, and cook it myself more often. I will show my children more and try to teach them less. I will reach out to those people who’ve inspired me throughout my life, engage in conversation with them, and keep my eyes open to the people around me right now who are fulfilling that role. And love now.

 The new year brings the energy and spirit of rejuvenation. I want to surf that well into this year, and build one heck of a Lego-tastic life along the way. Join me on this adventure!


Altered Flickr Creative Commons photo “Lego Galaxie300″ by Qwen Wan


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